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Bars & Restaurants

The village of Lourdata has a wide variety of excellent restaurants and bars.

Muses Bar Lourdata

The Muses Bar The first building you come to having crossed the bridge, on the way from Vlachata, has a paved outside garden with shrubs and fountains. They have a large screen television which is used for showing major sporting events. For more information, see their facebook page.

Dionysos Restaurant Lourdata

A short distance down the hill is the Dionysos Restaurant .
There is a large indoor eating area and, at the back of the restaurant, is an open-air paved area where the tables are surrounded by trees and water features. This restaurant also provides a delivery service for the pizzas they bake in their traditional wood fired oven. This restaurant is open throughout the year. Free wi-fi is available.

The Lourdas new mini-market

A short distance above the square is a mini-market. It is well stocked to satisfy day-to-day requirements, and open from early morning to late at night.


The square is dominated by its massive plane tree. Below the tree is Platonos which takes its name from the plane tree. It is the place you can sit with a coffee, tea or an alcoholic drink. Because of the shade of the tree and the breeze which usually blows along the valley, it is the coolest place in the village.


Opposite Platonos is a restaurant Liza's. There are only eight tables under the canopy at the front of the restaurant. Excellent food. Every day there are specials which include fresh sea bass and sea bream.
You can be assured of a warm welcome from Liza and her staff.

Trifylli Restaurant

Farther down the hill towards the beach, opposite the Lara Hotel hidden behind trees and flowering shrubs is the Trifylli Restaurant.

The New Mini-market

Continuing down the hill towards the beach you will pass Denis's Mini Market.

Blue Seas Restaurant

As you get to the beach you will see the Blue Seas Restaurant on your right,
this is another of the family run restaurants of the village.

Lourdas Mare & 7Bar

Up a flight of stairs on your left is the 7 Bar. This is an internet cafe. Below the 7 Bar is Lourdas Mare Restaurant.

Lorraines Magic Hill Restaurant

Turning left along the beach road you will come to the entrance for Lorraines Magic Hill restaurant
which is on the hillside above the beach and accessed up a flight of steps.

Klimatis Restaurant

Continuing along the beach is the Klimatis Restaurant. This, as the name implies, has its tables shaded by a canopy of vines. The oldest restaurant in the village, run by the lovely Marina and her excellent staff.

Klimatis Restaurant

Adjoining the restaurant, on one side, is a bar and on the other side a mini-market.

Aridas Palace

Towards the end of the main beach is Aridas Palace. This restaurant has a small number of tables, extending back from the beach road.

Sunset Bar

If instead of turning left at the beach, you were to turn right along the road, towards the harbour. you will come to the Sunset Bar. This is a small wooden structure just above the beach and an ideal spot for a relaxing cool drink.

Waikiki Bar

A little farther towards the harbour you will come to the Waikiki Bar. There you can get a drink or a snack in the shade overlooking the beach and the sea. They also serve drinks and food on the beach at the sun loungers and umbrellas in front of the bar. Upstairs the view is panoramic.

Waikiki Umbrellas

The umbrellas of the Waikiki Bar.

Barbecue night

There are beers, soft drinks (including freshly squeezed orange juice and their home-made lemon, (made only with lemon juice and sugar), and ice creams. Snacks include toasted sandwiches, salads, etc. (The photograph is of a barbecue night.)

Lithero Restaurant

Continuing a short distance in this direction will bring you to the little harbour. Just above the harbour is the Lithero Restaurant.
Its shady tables overlook the harbour and the sea.
A simple setting, but excellent food and friendly service.
The family are fishermen, and therefore the restaurant is noted especially for its fish, as part of it's extensive menu.

Lithero Restaurant

The Lithero Restaurant. seen from above.

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