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Panorama of Lourdas, Kefalonia

Panoramic View of Lourdas, Kefalonia, viewed from the sea.

General Information

This site exists to make it easy to travel independently to the resort village of Lourdata, in the area of Lourdas, on the Greek island of Kefalonia and stay in high-quality accommodation (villas, studios and apartments) at reasonable cost. It is also to repay, in some small way, the people of Lourdata for the generosity and kindness they have shown over many years.

All payments for accommodation, airport transfer and car hire are made in Kefalonia.
There are no commissions and all money paid goes directly into the local economy.

Lourdata is the village at the centre of the area known as Lourdas on the Greek island of Kefalonia. (or Kefallonia, Kefallinia, Cephalonia, Cefalonia) - even the Greeks can not agree how to spell the name!

Lourdas is about 25 to 30 minutes from the airport by car or taxi.

This site gives some general information about the island of Kefalonia, the area of Lourdas, and particularly the village of Lourdata. There are details of villas, studios and apartments which are available in Lourdata, arrangements for airport transfers, taxi and car hire information. Also included are the restaurants and bars of Lourdata.

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and is approximately 90Km (60 miles) south of the island of Corfu. Lourdas is in the south-west of the island and includes the villages of Simotata, Vlachata, Afrato, Lourdata and Trapezaki which is now becoming a village in its own right. Kefalonia is mountainous with its highest point (Mount Enos, 1627 metres) to the north of the village of Lourdata.

The village of Vlachata is approximately 1 Km. from the centre of Lourdata. It has larger supermarkets, car hire, numerous restaurants and bars. It also boasts two bakers, one on the road immediately below Garbis jewellers, the other on the main road at the top of the village.

This range of mountains gives the Lourdas area of Kefalonia its own special climate, in addition to a spectacular backdrop. Because it has a sub-tropical climate, there are many citrus trees in Lourdas and the small market gardens close to the beach produce a huge variety of fruit and vegetables. Sadly, in recent years the number of these working gardens has declined. Until the 1950's, all this land was intensively cultivated and Lourdas supplied the earliest fruit and vegetables to the whole of Greece.

The upper part of the mountain (above 1,000 Metres) is the Enos National Park. It is covered in pine forests - mainly of black pine and the kefalonian pine, which is exclusive to Kefalonia and the adjacent island of Ithaca. The national park contains much wildlife, including the wild horses for which it is famous.

The island has almost unlimited water coming from springs on the mountain and as a result is one of the greenest of all Greek islands. These springs are the source of the tap water which meets the standards of the EEC Drinking Water Directive, however cold bottled water is available at all the shops and restaurants for those who prefer it.

Lourdas bay from the air

Lourdas Bay as seen from the air.
The beach which extends for the length of the bay is about 4Km (2 miles) long - mostly golden sand, with pebbles at the extreme southern end of the main beach, although this can change with the weather.

Lourdas Bay as seen from the Village

Lourdas bay as seen from the edge of the village.

Lourdas Main beach from Klimatis

Lourdas bay from the headland known as Klimatis.

The beach has the European blue flag. There is a lifeguard and showers. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for hire.
One umbrella and two sunbeds will cost approximately €6.00 per day.

Escape Club boat hire Lourdas beach Kefalonia

Boat hire and water sports are available at the beach from Escape Club Rental Boats http://www.escapeclubkefalonia.com/.

Lourdas beach Kefalonia

The beach

At the beach there are six restaurants, a mini-market and three bars.

The Lourdas mini-market

Just above the beach, on the road to the village, is a larger mini-market.

Lourdata Village Square

At the centre of the village of Lourdata is the square with its enormous plane tree - at least 250 years old.
Here is the village shop. Close by are two restaurants and a couple of bars. At the shop, you can enjoy a coffee, a beer, or a soft drink in the atmosphere of a traditional kafeneion.
Most of the available apartments and studios are close to the village centre.

The Lourdas new mini-market

A short distance above the square is a mini-market which opened in 2017. Now well stocked to satisfy day-to-day requirements, and open from early morning to late at night.

The road from the village to the beach is a little less than 1Km and one can stroll to the beach (where there are also apartments) in less than 10 minutes. However, because the square is about 80 metres (about 250 feet) above sea level, the return will take at least twice as long. The best way is to stroll from one patch of shade to the next, stop, admire the views and talk with anyone you meet!

There is a bus service which goes between the beach, Lourdata, Vlachata, Trapezaki and to the EKO petrol station on the main road. It runs 7 or 8 times a day (timetables are posted at various places on the route) and costs €1.60.

For the more energetic there are a many quiet roads and tracks to walk. These will take you through olive groves, orchards - where you will see many varieties of citrus fruit, figs, pomegranates, apricots, and market gardens (closer to the sea) where local families grow much of their own produce.

Church of Ayia Paraskevi, Lourdata, Kefalonia

Above the village, near the water tower, is the pre-earthquake church of Ayia Paraskevi.

Church Interior of Ayia Paraskevi, Lourdas

The original interior walls still have their fourteenth century frescoes.

Lourdata village celebration at Ayia Paraskevi

A "fiesta" at the church, organised by the cultural organisation of the village, with food, dancing and live music.

Spring of Paliofournos, Lourdas

A walk of about three-quarters of an hour, via the spring of Paliofournos (old bakery), will take you to the Sissia Monastery.

Sissia Monastery, Lourdas

Sissia Monastery is traditionally believed to have been founded by Saint Francis of Assissi in 1218.

Sissia Old Monastery

In the trees, just below the present monastery, are the remains of the old monastery that was destroyed in the earthquake of 1953. This building probably dates to the second half of the 17th. century.
It is due to undergo research and restoration work.

By going up the road from the village and then taking a left turn, you can walk to Trapezaki Beach in less than one hour - perhaps returning along the beach.

There are no banks or cash machines in the village of Lourdata, but the village of Vlachata has a Piraeus Bank cash machine at Petros Supermarket. There is also a Euronet cash machine by the CBR car rental office, but this may involve additional charges.

In the capital of Kefalonia - Argostoli, you will find branches of all the major Greek banks, all of which have cash machines.

Argostoli is an excellent shopping centre with a wide variety of shops, a large market by the harbour, and many cafes and restaurants.  In the town are the Archaeological museum and the Historical Folklore museum at the Coryiallenia Library. Travel to the capital will take about 25 to 30 minutes by car or taxi. Parking is free in the car parks, but with the increase of traffic during the last few years finding a parking place within the town is becoming more difficult. However, it is still relatively easy to park in the outskirts and everywhere is within easy walking distance.

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